Ms. Roohi's really really ridiculously good recommended books:

Don't forget to watch Booktalk Tuesday for some ideas! Or check out the books on Instagram!

Or Try these websites for book recommendations!

1.  Books in a Series or Sequel--what comes next in the series?
2.  Bookseer--what book should I read next?
3.  Flamingnet Book Reviews--students reviewing books for students
5.  Newbery Awards--for the best in middle grade literature
6.  Printz Awards--for the best in young adult literature
7.  Reading Rants--out of the ordinary teen book lists


  1. Are we able to find books on this site? if so, how?

  2. If you click on one of the genre links above, it has a list of books and a short synopsis of each one. Each book also has the call number listed. So if you find a book you like you have the call number to go pull it yourself. Or if you log onto your PAC account, you can put it on hold and we'll deliver it to your class.