Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rick Riordan Is Coming to Anchorage!

Barnes & Noble and the Anchorage School District have partnered to bring bestselling author Rick Riordan back to Anchorage. We'll be one of only 9 locations for his tour celebrating his new book in the Magnus Chase series, 'Hammer of Thor'. We are SO lucky to have him come all the way up here!

The format for the event is a presentation/book talk.
The book talk will be held at the West High School auditorium, and signed copies of the book will be available at the event.


*Wristbands are required for attendance.
*Wristbands will be available when purchasing a copy of The Hammer of Thor at Barnes & Noble, Anchorage.
*In order to accommodate families, the purchase of 1 copy of Hammer of Thor will allow for up to 3 wristbands. There is no book purchase limit.
*Wristbands will be available, only at Barnes & Noble - Anchorage, starting Tuesday, Oct. 4th

*Signed copies of Hammer of Thor will be available to people attending the event.
*Limited quantities of other signed Rick Riordan titles will be available for purchase at West High School beginning at 6:00pm Oct. 10th
*When you purchase 'The Hammer of Thor' from Barnes & Noble, Anchorage you will get a ticket valid for 1 signed copy. Bring your ticket to West High School beginning at 6:00pm, Oct. 10th and you’ll be able to pick up your signed copy.

3) PHOTOS and videos are allowed during the presentation as long as they are not disruptive.

4) SEATING – The event will have open seating (no assigned seats). Seating begins at 6:00pm.

5) PARKING – Parking at West High School with overflow parking available at Romig Middle School.
6) Event details are subject to change. So check here for updates.

Mark your calendar for Oct. 4th to pick up your wristband & Oct. 10th for the big event!

Friday, September 16, 2016

First Annual Goldenview Cardboard Challenge!

Take part in our first ever cardboard challenge!  Start by forming a team of 1-4 people, and then sign up in the library by the end of the day on September 23rd. 

Your task is to make a cardboard based creation that is either a game or some form of entertainment. If you want inspiration watch Caine’s Arcade or visit the Cardboard Challenge site.

Spend the week of September 19-23 forming a team, brainstorming ideas, making sketches, writing up a list of supplies you think you’ll need, and giving your list of dream supplies to Ms. Roohi.  She’ll do her best to find them, but you need to be flexible and creative!  That’s what this is all about!

Then on Monday morning, September 26th at 7:45, you can start building and the fun starts!


  • Your creation must have at least one cardboard box in it
  • It must be made entirely out of recycled materials except for tape, glue and markers
  • The library will have a supply of recycled materials for you to use, and also markers, glue and tape
  • You may also bring in items from home if they are recycled, reused or pre-owned.  They must be clean!  Do NOT make a trip to the store (or send your mom either). The challenge is to create something new out of something you would otherwise throw away, to creatively solve problems with limited supplies.  It will not look beautiful or perfect, but it should be fun!  When looking around your home for supplies think of things like:

o   Cardboard boxes and tubes
o   Plastic bottles and food containers (clean)
o   Tin cans (clean)
o   Newspapers or other useful paper in your recycle bin
o   Yarn, string, ribbon, wire, pipe cleaners
o   Buttons, washers, googly eyes
o   Packing materials such as peanuts, bubble wrap, air pouches
o   Old bits of foil, old wrapping paper, old bags (paper or plastic)
o   Any trash you throw away that seems cool that isn’t food and is dry (think of all the product packaging you throw out)

  • Your project must be built entirely in the library.  We are open between 7:45-3:15.  If you come during class you must have a pass
  • It must be constructed between September 26th and 30th

We will have an arcade open house at lunch on Monday, October 3rd for you to show off your creation and to try out other people’s games.  Remember this is an exhibition, not a competition!

Periodic updates and cool ideas will be posted on the library’s website and the library’s Instagram account (@booktalk_Tuesday).  Watch GVTV too!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our Maker Space Is Open for Business!

Come in to the library and create something fun!  This week we have an area where you can make your own corner bookmarks!  Check out some of the creations below!