Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New Spaces in the Library!

The library has been reorganized into three different sections:  

The non-fiction section or:

Students researching country information for a world geography project

The reference section or:
Students collaborate on a social studies project on the new library Chrome book computers
Students collaborating on a production of As You Like It

And the Fiction section or:

Students create a marble run at the construction table
Students create a wall at our construction table
Students figure out how to turn limes into a keyboard with a Makey Makey
A student creates a circuit to run a fan with the Snap Circuits kit
Students color during lunch in the create section
Students create blackout poetry during National Poetry Month
Ms. Ellinwood's art students use old library books to create sculptures
Students learn how to crochet at lunch.  On many mornings Ms. Day helps the novices.

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