Thursday, May 21, 2015

eBooks: the Library Is Open This Summer!

The school district has a subscription to OverDrive, which has ebooks and audiobooks.  You can read or listen to them online or on a Kindle, nook, tablet or phone.  Go to to browse the collection and check out books.  You may check out three books at a time, and books may be checked out for 7 or 14 days (you can change the period in the settings).

To get on, your username is the 14 digit number on your ID card and the password is the last four digits of that number.  If you can't find your ID, you can get the number in the library.

The available ebooks are searchable in our PAC, but books have to be checked out on the Overdrive website.  You can search for books there too.  

If you have ever borrowed books from the public library, this works the same way.  Below is a short tutorial.  To view it better click on the full screen button on the graphic or you can download it.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lip Dub in the Library

Monday was an awesome day of filming our school wide lip dub video.  And we had lots of fun in the library doing it!  While we won't be able to see the final version until the last day of school, here are some pictures of what we were up to in the library on that day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Final Results of the Amazing Race

Our big winner was Super Nova with the most minutes read and the most minutes per student and the highest participation rate at 75%!

Our individual winners are listed below.  Congratulations to the 15 students who read in all seven genres!  There were four more students who read in five or six genres.  All 19 students will get an ice cream party in the library this Thursday, May 7th.

And finally, here are the school wide statistics, broken down in each category.