Friday, January 9, 2015


The winning bookmark for the ASD.  Look for your copy in May!
 The winner of the district bookmark contest is Alys Korosei!  She had almost twice as many votes as the second place winner who happened to be Sydney Winn!  So Goldenview took first and second, thus ending our 18 year drought! 

Alys' bookmark will be printed up by the district and will be distributed to ALL the schools in Anchorage next year.  But we will get our copies in May and will have a huge bookmark signing party before school is over.  Watch for it!

Five students who placed well in the school contest but who don't get their bookmarks printed by the district had their bookmarks printed by the school.  You can come by the library and pick one of them up!

Come by and pick up one of these gorgeous bookmarks!