Monday, February 3, 2014

Join the ASD Reading Games!
These are the average number of minutes read by team.  To see the top reading students in the school, click on the graph!
Five middle schools in the ASD are commemorating the winter Olympics by having the first ever ASD Reading Games!  The idea of the competition is to get everyone to read independently in five different genres (sports, history, science/science fiction, fantasy, and reader’s choice).  The participants get incentives for reading for two hours in each genre.  Reading can be fiction or non-fiction, and can include anything (books, magazines, comics, the internet, textbooks, newspapers, etc) as long as it is in that genre (read a five minute article on who won the speed skating race on your phone?  That counts towards sports!)  There will be a medal and a Sun's Cafe drink for any student who completes all five genres (ten hours of reading), plus they will be recognized for their accomplishment around the school!  The top three readers in minutes in the school (after they’ve read all five genres) will get a Barnes and Noble gift card. 

In addition, we will be keeping track of all the minutes that the school reads as a whole, as we are also competing against other middle schools for the district prize of a Golden Book.  Each pod will also be competing against each other and the staff.  So read for fun!  Read for your pod!  Read for your school!  You may download a paper form here.  But an even easier way to enter your minutes is to use this simple form (log in with school Google ID).  Please only use one method to submit time.

This competition runs for the month of February, so anything you read starting on Saturday, February 1st counts.  If appropriate, a book may count for more than one category, but the minutes only count once (for instance, if you read Hunger Games for four hours, you can count it in the Fantasy genre for two hours, and the Choice genre for two hours).  For more complete details and rules, read here.  To keep up with how Goldenview and your pod are doing, click here.


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