Monday, November 18, 2013

Help Us Build a New Desk for the Library

So why has the library been doing so much fundraising this fall?  For two reasons:
  1. A new desk/shelving unit
  2. More beautiful stools!
We reorganized our library last spring so that it was more open, thus enabling students and classes to move around more freely thus increasing collaboration.  It also helps with visibility.  However, we lost some valuable work and storage space.  So Mr. Masneri's applied tech classes will be building us a new unit.  Unfortunately, buying the building materials takes money!

Help us turn these ugly cluttered tables and carts...

With all the changes and improvements in the library, we also needed additional seating.  So we took our last 13 old ugly stools and gave them to Ms. Brady's art students to beautify.  They are turning them into beautiful works of art.  Hopefully they will be done by Christmas break. 

We're turning these boring stools into...
THIS!  Thanks to Maggie who has the first one done.

Check back often to see how the stools are coming along.  Also next spring and summer the whole library will be painted white.  No more dreary gray!  Also, don't forget to support the Goldenview book fair at Barnes and Noble on November 30th.  It's one more way to support us!

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