Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Create an account for yourself on the Library Catalog (PAC)

Student ID cards arrived today.  So now is a great time to create an account on the library catalog!  Any student in the school can create an account on the library catalog.  It is easy and takes about three minutes.  All you need is your 14 digit library number.  This can be found on your ID card, or can be gotten from the librarian.  Why create an account?
  • Renew books!
  • Put popular books on hold so you are the next person to get it!
  • Give books a 1-5 star rating!
  • Leave a review on a book you loved or hated!
  • Create lists of books, perhaps for books you want to read!
To create an account have your library number handy and follow these simple instructions.

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