Thursday, January 24, 2013

Battle of the Books Competition January 25th!

Goldenview's school Battle of the Books competition will take place at 8:30 on January 25th.  Who will win?  There are eight fabulous teams this year.  Will it be SWAG?  How about Book Grown?  Then there are the Olympians, the Bookwormz, and the Fantasy Smashers!  Don't discount Goldenview 2, BOB!!! or RBGYWMEWAC*.  Of the eight teams, only one team can make it to the district competition on January 30th.  And of those 15 teams, only one makes it to the state competition.  Will Goldenview go all the way?  Tune in Friday afternoon to find out the winner!

If you are interested in suggesting books for next year's battle, please submit them here before January 31st. Next year's books will be announced on March 23rd.

*Don't ask.  Ok, it stands for "Red Bull Gives You Wings, Monster Energy With a Car." 

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