Monday, February 20, 2012

What Do You Use for a Bookmark?

As a librarian, I come across all sorts of strange things that students have left in their books to mark their places.  Pictures are common, as are ID's and homework.  This year we found a $20.  And just last week I found an empty bag of Cheezit's complete with lots of crumbs (yuck!).  Librarians across the country have found lots of strange things as bookmarks, check out this list below (to see the uncensored this came from go here):

uncooked bacon
banana peel
piece of bark
lock of hair
endorsed checks with a deposit slip
candy wrapper
muffin wrapper
package of gum
beef jerkey
business cards
outline for an unwritten book
chewed chewing gum
game cards
credit cards
tea bags

Think these sound like bad bookmarks?  Then you might want to vote on the first ever Battle of the Bad Bookmarks contest!  Check it out here.  And don't use any of these either!

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