Friday, January 6, 2012

The 2012 Project

Do you enjoy photography?  Do you like working with photo editing software?  And do you LOVE the library?  Then why not put your skills to work and show your love of books by contributing to The 2012 Project!  The goal of the project?  To prove that teens still use libraries, despite the Internet and ebooks!

Here's how the project works: using a cell phone or a digital camera, take some photos (borrow the library's camera, or ASK Ms. Roohi if you can use your cell phone camera). They can be creative or just straight-ahead shots. Add text if you'd like. Pictures can be tweeted to @TLT16 or posted directly on the Teen Librarian's Toolbox Facebook wall. (No names will be included to protect every one's privacy.) Each month they will take all the images and create a visual blog post demonstrating the power of libraries in young people's lives. Approximately six pictures will be needed per day to reach the overall goal of 2,012 images.  So join in!  And don't forget to show your photo to Ms. Roohi too!

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