Monday, August 29, 2011

The Library is Open for Lunch on Wednesday

Starting Wednesday, August 31st, the library will be open for both lunches most every day (double check the open/closed sign in the lunch room).  Here is what you need to know about coming to the library during lunch:
  • To come to the library during lunch you must have a pass.  You can get a pass from your teacher, the librarian, or use your student ID.  One pass per person!!
  • You can get a laminated library pass or pink pass from a teacher or the library BEFORE lunch starts.  8th graders may use their ID's from last year.
  • Eat in the lunch room, and come to the library when you're finished. When you get here, leave your lunch items on the table next to the door. NO WATER OR DRINK IN THE LIBRARY OTHER THAN ON THE TABLE NEXT TO THE DOOR.
  • Sign into the library on the clipboard on the circulation desk.  Show your ID or put your pass into the basket.
  • During lunch you may play board games, cards, puzzles, Legos, talk to your friends, knit, read, do homework, or use the computers.
  • You may play computer games on the GV fileshare during lunch.  Please don't play games on the Internet.
  • The Wii is available for signup on Wednesdays (girls) and Fridays (boys).
  • When lunch is over don't forget to take your lunch items with you!  You do not need to sign out from lunch.

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