Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Your Library's Got Game!

What's that you see in the library?  Is it a Wii?  What's the library doing with a Wii?

Last Friday a brand new Wii was delivered to the library as part of a gaming grant that all middle school libraries in the district received.  We received a Wii with one remote and Wii Sports, and 2 DDR pads (rumor has it we should get the gaming software for that soon). 

There are no big plans for the Wii yet, as they are still in the development stage.  So between now and the end of school the Wii will be on during lunch in the library as plans are made for next year. 

Students should feel free to come down and use the Wii during lunch.  However, as a "fee" to use the Wii they will have to help set up guidelines for fair use, and also come up with ideas for the use of the Wii at school.

Finally, we would love to have three more remotes and some other games (school appropriate, of course!) for the Wii.  If you'd like to donate some to the library, please do!

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