Monday, February 8, 2010

Opposing Viewpoints--Our New Database

Just today we got a subscription to the Opposing Viewpoints Database from Gale.  This resource will be a great help to everyone working on debates or a paper on controversial issues.  While the students on Vega and Borealis are probably wishing they'd had this back in November, this will really help Phoenix next month when they start their debate project, and will be available all next year to you future 8th graders!  Click here to access the database, or look for this icon on the webpage, or in the links on the left hand side of this blog.  The username and passwords are the same as the one for our Electronic Reference Books.  If you still need password help, come in to the library for a password bookmark!

To make things really, really easy, there is now a widget in the left column of this blog where you can type in query and get results right here from the blog!  Try it now!  The widget for the Electronic Reference Books is there too.  That one is especially good for chemical elements research.

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