Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Second Place in District!!


Congratulations to Delainey, Alice, Kiera and Allie who represented Goldenview at the District Battle of the Books on Tuesday and brought home the silver medal!  They came in 2nd out of 15 teams and were the only team to have a flawless final round.  Thanks for representing us so well girls, and we look forward to next year!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Battle of the Books 2016

Congratulations to all the amazing participants in Battle of the Books this year.  Of the 23 participants 10 read ALL the books!  A new record high!  And it paid off for the Mississippi Llamas who won the battle for the school in a close competition against the Flaming Flamingos.  Delainey, Alice, Kiera and Allie will represent us in the district battle next week at Romig.  Good luck girls!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Services from the Public Library that YOU Can Use!

The Anchorage Public Library has two new online services that anyone with a public library card can use, even from school (don't have a public library card?  It's easy to get one, just go here)!

The first service is Hoopla which allows you to borrow, for free! videos, music and audio books.  All from the comfort of your home!  You can download up to eight a month. 
The other new service is Lynda which is a professional, on-demand training in computer applications.  So teach yourself how to use Photoshop, or any other program with their tutorials!

Another service the library provides is Freegal which is is a downloadable music service. Freegal offers access to about three million songs, including Sony Music’s catalog of legendary artists. You can download and keep three songs a week or stream up to three hours a day.

And don't forget about Listen Alaska Plus which works the same as the school's Overdrive ebook account

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter Break Reading Challenge

If you read over break and record it with the public library you'll have a chance of winning one of six Kindle Fires!  Just record every book you read here:

Monday, December 14, 2015

Award Winning Week for Goldenview Library Students!

Congratulations to Chloe who just won the District Bookmark Contest!  Her bookmark will be printed up by the school district and will be distributed in the spring.

Congratulations also to the Vega team who won the Golden Book Award for the 15/16 school year by reading the most in the Amazing Race!  They received their book and ice cream party today.

And congratulations to all the top readers in the Amazing Race and the bookmark contest.  They were also celebrating in the library today at lunch.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We're Now on Instagram and YouTube!

Book Talk Tuesday has proved so popular that we're now putting it on YouTube!  So if you missed last week's episode, you can now catch up with it.  Or you can binge watch the whole season!

We also now have a companion booktalk_tuesday Instagram account.  Follow us to keep up with the latest books and activities in the library.

And don't forget about our old Facebook account!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bookmark Winners!

This year we had some really amazing bookmarks.  It was very hard to decide which one to even vote for.  Luckily half the school cast votes, and the winner was very decisive!  Congratulations to Crystal who's winning bookmark got three times as many votes as the second place winner!  She will represent us well in the district contest.

In second place is everyone's favorite Scooby Doo.  Congratulations to Isabella for drawing a beloved bookmark!

And this year we have a runner up who will also have to represent Goldenview in the district contest.  This bookmark was definitely the most unique.  Congratulations to Chloe for coming in third!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Closing Ceremonies

The games are over, and they were the most successful games ever!  As a comparison, we read twice as many minutes this  year as last year!  Every single pod read more  minutes than last year, and our overall school participation went from 24% to 48%.  Taken all together this means WE WON THE DISTRICT COMPETITON!  Last year Gruening took the crown out of our hands, but now it's ours again!

This year 20 students finished the race and read all seven genres, with 25 students reading five or more genres.  All 25 students listed above will be invited to the ice cream party next Friday, December 11th.  The top three readers also get Barnes and Noble gift cards.  Congratulations to all these students for reading so much!

In a team competition that went all the way to the end, Super Nova read more minutes than Vega, BUT the winner is actually determined by how many minutes are read per person (to account for the uneven team sizes) and in that case the Golden Book Award goes to Vega!  Congratulations Vega!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Come Vote for Your Favorite Bookmark!

Could Goldenview win the bookmark contest again?  The prospects look good with these beauties!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Only Five Days Left of the Reading Games!

The Reading Games end Sunday at midnight.  So since it is going to be a rainy Thanksgiving, why not eat another piece of pie and curl up inside with a good book?  Remember to log your minutes by midnight Sunday night though!  Anything timestamped after that won't be counted!  You can log your minutes here.
 And here are the results after the end of week three.  All these results are current as of 3pm Friday the 20th.   This  year we have already read more minutes than we did in total last year.  Why is that?  Because we have higher participation!  Three teams have nearly 100% participation, and the school stands at 48% participation overall!  And because of that participation, we are now leading the district competition too!  If  you add up all the minutes we have read together in three weeks, it would take one person three months to read non-stop 24/7!
Congratulations to the six students who have already read in all seven genres.  It looks like there are another eight who will easily finish the race.  Great job Goldenview!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week Two: a Dead Heat!

This has been an exciting week.  Vega has spent some serious time logging minutes and has caught up with Super Nova.  The two are in a virtual tie!

Congratulations to Super Nova which is the first team ever to have 100% participation in three years!

Also, for the first time ever, the teachers are leading the students in minutes read per person.  Great job staff!

Below are the stats for the week.  The top readers are listed.  Three people have already finished the race by reading all seven genres.  And thirty people have read two or more genres.  Congratulations everyone!  Keep logging your minutes here!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week One of the Reading Games

Week one is finished, and although it is always a slow start, we are reading a lot more than last year (well, except for the teachers).  Vega was ahead until 89% of Super Nova sat down and recorded their times on Friday afternoon.  Way to go Super Nova!  If everyone on a team records even a few minutes a week, YOUR team could be way ahead too!  See the results below.

And here are the statistics for the whole school, as well as the current early leaders among the students.  So far 27 students have earned at least one genre bookmark!  Congratulations to the four students listed below who have at least two!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The ASD Reading Games Are Back!
The Reading Games are back!  Starting Monday, November 2nd, keep track of the time you spend reading at home, in school, on the bus, etc, and you could win (semi) cool prizes, the respect of your friends (and librarian) and bragging rights!

All you have to do is read at least two hours in each of the seven genres in our library.  If you don't like fiction, there are corresponding non-fiction sections you can read from as well.  Every day or two log on to and record your minutes.  Once a week Ms. Roohi will tally all the minutes and distribute the genre book marks!  Collect all seven!

And this year since the Reading Games is in November, which is Native American Heritage Month, try reading something about Native Americans or Alaskan Natives for the Historical Genre!

This is also an interschool competition against Mears, Hanshew, Central, Clark, Northern Lights and Gruening.  So even if you only like to read in one or two genres, keep recording your minutes so our school will win the district competition!  You can see the district results here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thank you!

First, thank you to Chevron for funding our entire Donor's Choose project for $900 in new books!  The books will start arriving in the next two weeks.

Thanks also to all the students, parents and staff who supported our book fair last week.  We sold over $3000 worth of books and earned about $775 for our library.  And an even bigger thank you to those who donated to the library straight out!

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Book Fair Is This Week!

The Scholastic book fair is in the library all week!  Come in before school, after school or during lunch to browse or buy.  We will be open the whole time conferences are here too!  Please stop by and pick out something for yourself or a loved one.  All proceeds go to the library.  It is the only fund raiser we will have this year!